Business Plan

Business Plan

Belmont City College is a Phase One Independent Public School and IPS status was granted in 2010. The College’s first Business Plan (2010 – 2012) prioritised NAPLAN achievement, attendance, graduation rates, VET attainment and ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) results.

The College’s progress in these areas was assessed in 2016, through an Independent Public School Review. The reviewers commended the College in many areas such as the purposeful and meaningful engagement in all classrooms as well as the commitment of teachers to effective teaching and to high standards of behaviour and learning.

Belmont City College’s current Business Plan (2016 – 2018) outlines three priority areas that are a focus of the College:

  • BCC students are successful students
  • BCC staff will excel at their jobs
  • BCC will be the school of choice for families within our intake area.

These priority areas ensure that the College continues to develop as a distinctive school, builds high quality teaching and leadership and enables success for all students.