Independent Public School

Independent Public School

In 2010 the College became one of the first 34 schools in WA to become an Independent Public School. As an Independent Public School Belmont City College is able to target the use of our resources in a manner that will best meet the needs of our students. This special status provides the college with greater flexibility to respond to the needs and aspirations of the local community and more latitude and autonomy to set our direction in key areas such as staff selection; design of education programs; financial administration and behaviour management.

Building a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for making a school successful is the fundamental premise of the Independent Public Schools initiative. It acknowledges that Western Australian public schools should be as different as the communities they serve.

Independent Public Schools, while retaining the benefits of being part of the public school system and operating within relevant legislation and industrial agreements, have more autonomy and more control over their resources so they can best serve their students.Providing Independent Public Schools with significantly increased flexibility is a first step towards extending to all schools the level of flexibility they need to deliver the best possible education for their students.

Independent Public Schools are diverse and include primary, secondary, district high and education support schools, metropolitan and country schools, schools from low and high socioeconomic status communities, and clusters of schools.

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