Learning mathematics creates opportunities for and enriches the lives of all Australians.

The study of mathematics provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. It develops the numeracy capabilities that all students need for personal, work and civic life, and provides the fundamentals on which specialist and professional applications of mathematics are built.

Emphasis is placed on students’ ability to calculate mental Maths and a number of assessments feature a non-calculator section. Students also learn effective ways to use a calculator, and this is reflected in assessments where marks are awarded for demonstrating an understanding of the most appropriate way to solve problems.

It is our expectation that each student has a scientific calculator to use in class and some Year 10 and senior school students will also require a Casio Classpad calculator.  All our classrooms have interactive white boards and/or data projectors.


Lower School

Lower school students have access to Mathletics, an online interactive software program. This is a regular and highly popular feature of many classes and an excellent way to consolidate and further develop the understanding of mathematical concepts. All lower school students have individual user names and passwords assigned to them, allowing access to the online Mathletics website from home at any time. Lower School classes engage in the Western Australian Curriculum with an additional focus on preparation for NAPLAN and OLNA.


Senior School

Our senior school mathematics courses have a greater emphasis on pattern recognition, recursion, mathematical reasoning, modelling, and the use of technology, in keeping with recent trends in mathematics education, and in response to the growing impact of computers and technology. The courses we offer will allow students to achieve an ATAR for entry to university, provide the necessary skills if students are thinking of a trade or further develop students wishing to work on improving their general numeracy skills for daily life.