Special Programs

Special Programs

Follow the Dream Program

Follow The Dream members at Belmont City College are part of an exclusively chosen group of high-achieving Aboriginal students who have university aspirations and demonstrate the appropriate school results, attendance and behaviours to achieve such ambitions.

The program provides personalised after-school tuition, support and case management to assist and support these students to continue achieving excellent outcomes at school. The program assists students to constantly strive for excellence, set challenging goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

Program Objectives

  • Students will achieve a WACE and enter university
  • Students will attend school regularly (above 95% attendance)
  • Students will achieve high grades and have high levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Students will have a broad range of post school education, training and employment options and opportunities
  • Students will achieve a successful post school transition
  • Students will have high self expectations
  • Parents and communities will have high expectations, involvement and pride in the success of the students

Aboriginal Ambassadors

Belmont City College’s Aboriginal Ambassadors program is a voluntary program that targets Aboriginal students who have been identified as having the potential to be positive ambassadors. The group aims to have a positive impact on the culture of the school and the wider community.

By taking responsibility for their own personal actions, students will be promoting and encouraging positive attendance, behaviour and respectful behaviours throughout the College. Students in the program will be involved in a range of activities that will develop and celebrate Aboriginal culture in the school and wider community. Students will also be involved in mentoring other younger Aboriginal students in the College and in local Primary Schools.

Some of the activities students may be involved in include: providing a positive role model for primary school students by assisting teachers from the College and primary school staff while promoting reading, science and sport with young students.

Members of the group will also be part the nationwide Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program. AIME provides a dynamic educational program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers. AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. AIME also connects students with post Year 12 opportunities, including further education and employment.

Secondary English an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) Support Program

At Belmont City College we recognise that a significant proportion of our students are multi-lingual. Almost 30% of students at Belmont City College speak languages other than English at home. 
While this provides our students with a broad and inclusive world view, language difficulties can sometimes prevent learners from accessing mainstream curriculum to the depth that is required at secondary level. To address this need in our student population, classes for students with languages and backgrounds other than English have been created to allow them to receive specialist English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) tuition in the context of the mainstream curriculum.

Most Humanities teachers have recently completed post-graduate level EALD training in “Teaching English as a Second Language Students in Mainstream Classrooms” or already have EALD teaching qualifications. This has allowed us to form specialist EALD classes in Years 8, 9 and 10 to provide students with access to mainstream curriculum in a text rich environment supportive of English language learning. 
Students, if eligible, are then able to continue Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed upper school EALD units of study to contribute to their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), which can provide them with a solid English foundation for further tertiary study and employment.