Deaf Education Centre

Deaf Education Centre

Deaf and hard of hearing students enrol directly into Belmont City College and participate in a mainstream education experience unless their individual needs require their withdrawal for specific subjects. This ensures the highest level of inclusion for all Deaf and hard of hearing students. Often for year 7, 8 and 9 students this would mean they’re having English classes in the Deaf Education classroom.

Typically Deaf and hard of hearing students are grouped with other Deaf and hard of hearing students in the same year level so that a cohort of students can be formed. This provides the students with a basis for forming friends. It also enables all students can access greater support than could be achieved if the student was enrolled in a local high school without other Deaf/hard of hearing students.

Students of all abilities are catered for at Belmont City College. All students’ progress is monitored through an Individualised Education Plan process.

Deaf and hard of hearing students are able to access any specialist subject or course offered by Belmont City College. In 2013 two Deaf students went on the school ski trip to Falls Creek.

Belmont City College currently offers Auslan as a LOTE in year 8. In 2015 students in years 7, 8 and 9 will be able to study Auslan as a LOTE. We also offer Auslan lessons to parents of Deaf and hard of hearing students, staff and students who are not part of the LOTE classes.

There is no cap on the number of Deaf and hard of hearing students who are able to enrol. There is no requirement for students to have been assessed as ‘EN 4’ by Schools’ Plus. Belmont City College currently has 10 Deaf/hard of hearing students. We have an FTE of 1.5 Teachers of the Deaf, 7 interpreters and 2 Deaf mentors.