Combined Schools Band – Shining Talent!

A big round of applause for the Combined Schools Concert Band’s stellar performance at the ABODA Junior Concert Band Festival at Churchlands Senior High School! The talent and dedication showcased was truly commendable.
A heartfelt thanks to Ms. Tegan Whelan. Tegan, your dedication, passion, and tireless efforts in guiding our students has been instrumental in this achievement. Your leadership has not only elevated the band’s performance but has also inspired our young musicians to strive for excellence.
Thank you also goes to Mr. Marcus Perozzi for his unwavering support of our band and the ABODA festival.
Our students shone on stage and had the unique opportunity to workshop with CWO Jeffrey A. Spenner from the US Coast Guard Bands. Such experiences are invaluable.
Let’s celebrate this achievement and continue to support our budding musicians!
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