College Uniform


Uniform Requirements

Belmont City College students are expected to wear the College uniform and be neat and tidy in appearance. For health and safety reasons, students are required to wear closed in shoes.

All students in Years 7 – 12 are required to wear the College uniform. Uniform items can be purchased from the College Uniform Shop which is located next to the administration building.

Physical Education Uniform

All students are required to wear the College Physical Education uniform which can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Students are permitted to arrive at school dressed in their Physical Education uniform if they have a Physical Education lesson in period one. Students are required to change into the College uniform at the end of their Physical Education lesson.

Uniform Shop

During the school year the uniform shop will be open:

Every Tuesday and Thursday

8:00am to 10:00am


For Online ordering please visit and enter security code BCC016

Register on the Sustainable School Shop website to join our ‘Second-hand Textbook & Uniform Trading System‘.

A subscription to this service has been kindly provided by Belmont City College.