COVID-19 Term 2 Parent Information – Update 20

Dear Parent/Carer,
In line with the latest Health advice current Term 2 arrangements have been reviewed with the following changes, from Week 4, Monday 18 May 2020:
School Activities 

1.      Parents/carers and visitors will continue to drop students at the gate. Please do not enter the college grounds unless it is for a prearranged appointment

2.      The school canteen will continue to provide a service

3.      Interschool activities and camps will not be conducted

4.      Incursions and excursions for the purpose of course completion (senior school subjects) will proceed however they will not exceed 20 people in total, and supervisors/staff will maintain social distancing.

5.      Assemblies and other school community events will not be conducted at this time

6.      Pre-arranged parent/carer meetings with staff for the purposes of enrolment, case conference, student behaviour and engagement, medical reasons or other emergencies will proceed in consultation with the relevant Year Level Manager.


Semester 1 Reporting

1.       All students will receive a Semester 1 report that includes the following:

a.      An A-E grade for all subjects

b.      Judgement against a student’s Attitude, Behaviour and Effort

c.       A subject specific comment that describes the students’ progress.


Health, Hygiene and Cleaning

1.      Cleaning has increased in Term 2, with cleaners present throughout the school day to undertake continuous cleaning regimes. This will include the regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces that are frequently used by staff and students

2.      Bottles of hand sanitiser have been placed in every staff office and classroom within the school

3.      Staggered recess and lunch breaks will continue.

Kind regards,

Steve Smethurst
Associate Principal

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