DETECT Schools Study

Dear Parent/Carer

The State Government recently announced testing for COVID-19 will take place in our school as part of the DETECT research project. The study, which involves 80 public schools, education support settings and residential colleges, is being undertaken by the Departments of Health and Education in partnership with Telethon Kids Institute.

The research aims to learn whether there is any undetected COVID-19 infection among school students and staff who may not be showing any symptoms. The study will also include a survey to understand how students, parents and staff are coping during this challenging time.

Our students and staff will be invited to participate in the COVID-19 testing and students, parents and staff will be invited to complete the survey. Participation is voluntary and you will be asked for consent for you or your child to participate.

The testing will be done at school and involves a gentle nose and throat swab. It is a safe test and does not cause any discomfort to those who participate.  Visit to see how the testing is done. The survey will be done online. The research team have also developed survey questions that are suitable for different age groups and to help understand some of the experience for children, families and teachers during the COVID-19 restrictions.

We will be working with the research team to ensure there is minimal disruption to teaching and learning for those who participate.

You will be asked to read and consider the information carefully before you decide whether you or your child are willing to participate. The research team and our school’s principal will be available to answer your questions.

By participating in this research, our school community will help the Government understand if there is any COVID-19 in WA schools and what measures are needed to support our community.

Kind regards,

Darrel Le Mercier

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