First Place Again at the Titration Stakes!

After achieving a first place ranking in the first stage of the state competition, students Thu, Aira and Andika have excelled once again, gaining a first place in the preliminary round of the National Final, held last night at Murdoch University.

Their outstanding result for this round will be used during calculations to determine the overall national winner.

This amazing achievement would not have been possible without the commitment of the students, who stayed late after school to practice; teachers Mr Hosany and Mr Hearn, who gave their time and substantial expertise to coach the students; and the laboratory technicians Indira, Joy and Kathrine, whose expertise ensured that the equipment was in top condition for the competition.

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Titration Stakes asks students to determine the concentration of a chemical solution to a high degree of accuracy.

Well done to everyone involved!

Public education in Western Australia | Murdoch Uni | The Royal Australian Chemical Institute | Cassie Rowe MLA

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