The Ridge

AHC20416 - Certificate II in Horticulture

It was super cool to hang out with these cool kids today from Belmont City College to deliver from start to finish the new vegetable and citrus garden @belmontforum !!

The students had a brief introduction to Permaculture and the Ethics and Principles together with a discussion on companion planting before learning about plant families. 

We placed our vegetables and herbs into plant families before placing them into the garden and cross checking our companion planting guide.

The students had so much fun! And so did we! I could not have delivered the day without my co-permy-pilot extraordinaire, Tanvier Fowler from Living Abundance and Kim Lilly too!

Looking forward to seeing the Belmont Forum vegetable and citrus garden flourish and return in Spring with our garden gurus from Belmont City College to take it to the next level! 

🌿🌻🌾🌳🌿🌻🌾🌳 — with Tanvier Fowler.

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