Year 9’s Production of ‘The Trolleys’

The Trolleys, by Sara West, performed by the Year 9 Specialist Contemporary Drama students, is a play about friendship, trust and the ability to think beyond what you know. The Trolleys explores the struggles of the ‘Trolley Gang’ as they attempt to hoard all of the light for themselves. Their very existence is strangely attached to these lights, and should the lights die – so too will the ‘Trolley Gang.’ As their stash of stolen light start to dim, they seek out more in strange and untravelled places. In the process, they learn a poignant lesson from an unlikely source and an abstract friendship is formed.

The play is an emotionally-charged and moving exploration of post-apocalyptic life from the teenage perspective. The Year 9 SCD students have worked tirelessly to bring to life this complex masterpiece and their pursuit of excellence has led to the creation of something truly special.

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