Online Learning Support


Technology Support

ClickView Online allows you access to the school video library over the Internet. This enables you to view video programs shown in class 24/7. This is very useful for revision purposes or if you are absent from class when videos are shown.

1.  The first step to access is to go to this address

2.  Next, type in your Connect user name and password.

You can access Connect via the link in the Student Portal or directly at: 

Teachers at Belmont City College use Connect to share resources, to notify students of information about their classes, to lead discussions on class topics and as a place for students to collaborate and submit work. The username and password to access Connect are the same as your network username and password.

Connect – Quick Guides

Connect – Full Step by Step Guide For Parents

Connect – Full Step by Step Guides for Parents in 15 different languages:

Education Perfect – Login Instructions

1. Got to

2. Enter your login details:

Username: BCC+First Name+Surname (e.g. BCCJoeSmith)

Password: Your First Name (e.g. joe)

First login? Choose a new password

3. Select the task:



Education Perfect – Help Centre

Education Perfect – Help Centre

Please remove previous versions of Microsoft Office before you commence installation.

MS Office 365 Installation Instructions

All students have an Education Department email which is usually



This email is automatically linked to your Connect. When teachers put notices on Connect, an email is sent to this address to alert you to read the notice in Connect. Use this email address for all school-based activities and programs you login to.

The students can access their emails via Connect when they login there is an envelope icon in the top right corner next to their user account icon. Clicking on that icon will take them to their emails.
Alternatively, they can also access their emails via Sign in using the students’ education email address.
Their education email address is their Connect username followed by, usually
You will be prompted to enter your username and password; this is the same username and password used for Connect.

Getting Ready for Online Learning at Home

• Wake up with enough time to get ready and have breakfast
• Remember that you will follow your normal school timetable as directed by your teacher
• Get dressed
• At 8.35 am check your school emails and the Connect notices.

• Your learning space should be tidy, comfortable and as quiet as possible
• Be respectful of shared spaces
• If using your webcam, sit in front of a blank background, if possible

• Dress in neat, casual clothes
• Do not wear pyjamas

• Remove all distractions
• Have your laptop ready and logged in, charged and/or plugged in.
• Test apps to make sure they are working
• Have a pen and some paper or a pad/book ready
• Use headphones if possible

• Be polite, appropriate and civil in your language online, as you would in person
• When in video calls/meetings, turn off your microphone until required

• Drink at least 2L of water per day
• Take breaks every 45-60 minutes
• Have recess and lunch, eating healthy food Get outside and exercise safely

• Manage your time – use it for learning
• Submit all your completed work
• Spend time revising any items you don’t understand and ask questions
• Clean up your emails – read and reply