Principal’s Message


We are proud to introduce you to one of Western Australia’s most renowned Independent Public Schools with a proud reputation for providing a vibrant learning environment where students are supported to achieve to their potential.

Dear Belmont City College Community,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend to each of you a warm welcome to our vibrant and diverse school community.

Our school is built on a foundation of inclusivity, individualised care, and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Here you will find a culturally responsive environment where our dedicated staff work together to create an inclusive school that strives to support the academic, social and community success of every student.

We take pride in providing personalised attention to each student, empowering, and building their self-confidence, independence, knowledge and skills so that they reach their full potential. A strong pastoral care program addresses the social and emotional needs of our students while a diverse academic program supports opportunities for academic success.

Our school aims to foster within our students a sense of pride in themselves, their school and community and importantly help equip them with the knowledge, skills and motivation to embrace opportunities beyond school.

Our motto, ‘Belong, Collaborate, Create’ encapsulates the spirit that defines our school. Diversity, academic performance, and the importance of working together are key values that underpin our school. This is further reflected in our guiding principle ‘Learn Together, Value Each Other’. We believe that learning is a collective effort and the diversity that everyone brings to our school community is key to our continued success.

Thank you for being part of our school community. Let’s work together to foster an environment where every student can feel safe and thrive academically, socially and personally.


Steve Smethurst