Specialist Contemporary Drama Program


Belmont City College offers your child the ability to access a Specialist Contemporary Drama Program that is at the forefront of Dramatic Arts education in WA public schools.

The College’s NIDA trained teaching staff offer a unique program for students who are gifted and talented in performance arts. Students entering the program in Year 7 undertake a Drama major, allowing them to access this tuition as an elective in place of pre-set subjects.

The lower school programs aim to develop the students’ understanding of drama through practical and intensive workshops. Through a range of different performance opportunities, students are able to explore contemporary theoretical concepts in a unique and exclusive format.

With General, ATAR and VET options available, upper school students are able to select a pathway that most appropriately matches their interests. Our refined upper school courses deliver a first-rate drama education that empowers students to become critical and creative performers. This course has produced several successful WAAPA applicants and continues to exist at the forefront of Dramatic Arts education in WA public schools.

Some of the opportunities available to students in our our Specialist Contemporary Drama Program are:

  • Arts Week
    A full week that celebrates the contribution of The Arts in society. Students devise and create a variety of performances and work in order to showcase their talent and passion.
  • Drama camp
    A week long camp dedicated to the intensive workshopping of high-end skills and technique. Over the four-day camp, students also rehearse and refine productions in preparation for performance nights.
  • Primary festival
    A two-week long professional standard run of performances staged for our surrounding Primary Schools. Students perform to over 2,000 audience members during the two-week season.
  • TRG collaboration
    A contemporary collaboration between the Theatre Response Group and the City of Belmont that aims to shed light on the issues relevant to young people.
  • Masterclass
    A specialist and targeted extension class for selected upper school students. Here students can continue to extend their skills and knowledge through approaching more complex and intricate practitioners and their approaches.
  • Excursions to Professional Productions.
    As part of their enrolment in the specialist program, our students gain access to view some of the most prominent performances on tour in Perth.

For more information, please contact:

Specialist Contemporary Drama Program Coordinator:

Sabrina Hafid

Phone: 08 9473 9800

Email: Sabrina.Hafid@education.wa.edu.au

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