Music Excellence Program


The Music Excellence Program at Belmont City College is supported by the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) and provide weekly instrumental lessons as well as performance opportunities in a range of ensembles.

The Music Excellence Program encourages students to enjoy making music through engaging in the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject. Students will study music from a wide range of styles including contemporary, western art, jazz and music theatre.

There are three components to the program, which are:

  • Class Music elective (2 periods a week)
  • Instrumental lessons (one per week)
  • Participation in at least one college ensemble

Belmont City College has six ensembles that rehearse each week outside of school hours:

Belmont Combined Schools’ Concert Band Year 7 and 8+Year 5 and 6 IMSS students from the feeder primary schools (see list below). Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Bass Guitar and Percussion students.
Senior Concert Band Year 9-12+selected Year 8 students Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Bass Guitar and Percussion students.
Vocal Ensemble Year 7-12 Vocal students
Percussion Ensemble Year 7-12 Percussion students
Junior Fusion Band Selected Year 7-9 students Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion + Voice
Senior Fusion Band Year 10-12 Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion + Voice

Students in the Music Excellence Program regularly perform in a variety of concerts, college assemblies and local community events throughout the year as well as participate in the annual music camp. Ensembles also perform in the following annual state festivals:

  • WA Schools’ Senior Concert Band Festival (ABODA)
  • WA Schools’ Junior Concert Band Festival (ABODA)
  • WA Contemporary Music Festival
  • WA Government Secondary Schools Choral festival
  • Solo Vocal festival

Eligibility for the Music Excellence Program

There are three ways to be eligible for the program:

  • Continue your IMSS instrument from your previous (government) school
  • Continue private instrument tuition
  • For Year 7 only, participate in the IMSS Beginner Instrument Program

Belmont City College is a local-intake school.  The State Government determines the local-intake area.

For further information, please contact:

Music Excellence Program Coodinator:

Kieron Alford

Phone: 08 9473 9800


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