At Belmont City College, we believe that it is important for students to have a grounding in scientific ideas, knowledge, processes and skills, as well as an understanding of how science is applied in our complex, changing world.

Our experienced science teachers and technicians are committed to providing a high quality science education using excellent resources in order to foster a life-long interest in science.

Year 7 – 10

Lower school science courses are aligned with the West Australian Curriculum.  At each year level, students study the main areas of the Science Understanding strand:  Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences.  These are integrated with the Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour strands.

Year 11 and Year 12

The Science Learning Area offers a range of subjects for all our students.

We offer several ATAR pathway subjects, including Physics, Chemistry and Human Biology.

For students engaged in a General pathway, we offer Integrated Science courses, pursuing themes of interest such as Forensic Science and Environmental Science.

EPIC-Science for Primary Students

Academically capable Year 5 students may be selected by their primary school to attend EPIC-Science.  EPIC-Science runs for two hours, once a week for a term, on the Belmont City College Campus.  Selected students participate in a range of hands-on Science extension activities, culminating in a showcase for parents.

Year 6 students who have accepted entry into the A Plus Academic Excellence Program for the following year are invited to participate for an extra term, in a program with a Robotics focus.