Vocational Education And Training (VET)


Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Belmont City College, in partnership arrangement with various Registered Training Organisations, takes pride in the capacity to deliver Vocational Education and Training (VET) to students seeking a variety of experiences across a large cross-section of industry sectors.

VET courses are nationally recognised qualifications that build solid pathways into further education and employment. The qualifications offered are tailored to meet the needs of the students within the College and also to reflect the demands of the jobs market. Teachers delivering VET courses hold current industry experience and aim to give students a competitive edge through their specialist expertise. Training and assessment is conducted by the teacher on behalf of the agreed Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


In partnership arrangement with Hospitality Group Training (WA) Inc – RTO Code: 0386, the courses on offer at Belmont City College in 2021 include:

Year 10
• SIT10216 – Certificate I in Hospitality

In partnership arrangement with The College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP) – RTO Code: 41549, the courses on offer at Belmont City College in 2021 include:

Year 11 and Year 12
• CUA20615 – Certificate II in Music Industry

In partnership arrangement with IVET Institute Pty Ltd – RTO Code: 40548, the courses on offer at Belmont City College in 2021 include:

Year 11 and 12

• BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business
• SIT20316 – Certificate II in Hospitality
• SIS20115 – Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
• SIS30115 – Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (Invitation Only)

In partnership arrangement with Access Australia Group Limited – RTO Code: 4603, the course on offer at Belmont City College in 2021 include:

Year 11 and 12

• AHC20416 – Certificate II in Horticulture

In partnership arrangement with The Australian Institute of Education and Training (AIET) – RTO Code: 121314, the courses on offer at Belmont City College in 2021 include:

Year 10 Taster Program

• MEM20413 – Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (3 units only)

Year 11 and 12

• MEM20413 – Certificate II in Engineering Pathways

Workplace Learning

Students at Belmont City College are fortunate to be able to participate in a highly regarded Workplace Learning Program.

Students undertake a comprehensive induction program focusing upon work readiness prior to heading into the workplace, generally one day per week where they are linked with a supervisor at work, and a supervisor at Belmont City College who will nurture, mentor and assist students to develop and recognise their skill set whilst exploring their own unique career development pathways.

Consideration is given to the career aspirations, VET studies and subject enrolments of each student when allocating and matching students to suitable workplaces and occupations for the duration of the Workplace Learning Program. During their placement students work in all manner of industries to gain invaluable experience which will assist in further education, future employment and the application and development of social skills, life skills and lifelong learning principles.

Students who display excellence within the Workplace Learning Program are frequently offered career opportunities ranging from casual paid employment, through to School Based Traineeships, School Based Apprenticeships and offers of apprenticeships or full time employment after the completion of the school year.

For more information, please contact:

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Coordinator:

Jo Gordon

Phone: 08 9473 9800

Email: Jo.Gordon@education.wa.edu.au