The Arts



Dance students learn the processes of choreography in a number of contexts including jazz, hip hop and contemporary as well as dance for fitness activities such as zumba and aerobics.

Dance techniques are developed through workshops where students solve structured choreographic tasks to produce dance works for performance. They have first-hand experience of dance-making by actively engaging through exploration, improvisation, research, reflection and response. They investigate ways to document their thinking and working practices to resolve personal ideas and refine reflection and decision-making skills.

Technologies and design concepts are introduced to the planning stage of dance creation and students enhance their performance with lighting and sound scapes.

Students across Years 7 to 12 are given the opportunity to present original dance performances at college and community events.


Design Graphics GeneralSenior School

In the Design General course students develop skills and processes for current and future industry and employment markets. Students work on building a large portfolio of work that responds to an array of technical and theoretical design challenges.

Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand design principles and processes, analyse problems and devise innovative strategies through creative projects. The Design General course also emphasises the scope of design in trade based industries allowing students to maximise future vocational pathways.


Design ATAR Senior School

In the Design ATAR course students develop skills and processes for current and future industry and employment markets. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand design principles and processes, analyse problems and possibilities, and devise innovative strategies within design contexts. These include photography, graphics, dimensional design and technical graphics. The Design ATAR course also emphasises the scope of design in professional industries allowing students to maximise university pathways.

Media Arts

Media Arts Lower School

Media Arts is an exciting, and technologically relevant, course that actively encourages our students to blend learning with creativity.In recognition of the needs of our 21st Century learners, Belmont City College utilises industry standard software and equipment to enable our students to  creatively adapt their skills to a substantial array of practical and creative projects. Through solid development of skills and understanding, Belmont City College Media Arts courses foster progression to further tertiary education.

Our course examines and utilises past, existing and emerging technologies providing our students with the analytical and creative thinking skills to create responsive pieces using a variety of mediums, from photography, digital graphics and film editing. Students learn to interpret and understand the nuances of our diverse cultures, media genres and styles, to formulate their own informed creative responses through their analysis, reflection and practical, creative responses.  Students learn to be critically aware of media communication around them, through the study of ethical and legal issues in the creation of media.

Our Media Arts students are inspired to imagine, collaborate and take on responsibilities in planning, designing and producing media artworks. All work is show cased through video and exhibitions.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides an opportunity for students to learn the foundation skills of Drama. The Performing Arts course enables self-expression of personal and community based issues in a safe and comfortable environment. Students will participate in a variety of vocal and movement workshops to further their understandings of the elements of drama that are used to shape Australian and world plays.

Drama skills are developed through:

  • team building and trust activities
  • tableaux
  • choral speaking
  • physical theatre
  • rehearsed and spontaneous improvisation
  • Indigenous theatre
  • self-devised play built performance
  • short scripted scenes from world texts
  • Commedia Del’ Arte and other forms of slap-stick comedy
  • melodrama
  • Realism and other naturalistic forms of theatre

In order to enhance their performances, students will experiment with basic lighting and sound equipment, costumes, set and props.

Students who are identified as having advanced skills in the areas of performance and communication may also be offered placement in our Contemporary Drama Specialist Program.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts engages students in a journey of discovery, experimentation and problem-solving relevant to visual perception and visual language. Visual Arts encourages spontaneous and analytical styles of drawing, experimenting with a range of media and techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery, textiles, graphics and sculpture.

Students participating in Visual Arts will gain inspiration and generate ideas from diverse sources, including what they have experienced, learned about, are interested in and imagined. Visual Arts supports students’ ability to recognise and develop cultural appreciation of visual arts in the past and contemporary contexts through exploring and responding to artists and their artworks. Students further develop their knowledge and understanding of visual language through Art history and apply this to both art making and art interpretation.